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    Festive French Onion Dip

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    Dutch Oven Deep Dish Pizza

    Jenn Camargo

    Saratoga Springs, Utah
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    Thrive Is a Life Saver!

    A couple of years ago, I stopped buying most processed and prepared foods. The chemicals were of concern to me, and we were operating on a very tight budget, so I wanted to get the best I could for my buck. The hardest part of not buying prepared foods was making everything from scratch. I felt like I spent my entire life in the kitchen. Then I started using THRIVE and my whole world changed. With THRIVE's minimally processed, healthy foods, I can make dinner in 15-20 minutes flat, any day of the week. So if I'm delivering one of my 8 kids to elementary school play practice, and another to the middle school play practice, and two others to the literacy center to help tutor other students who are struggling, and then reversing to pick them all up, I don't have to stress about what to put on the table when I get home. I know that by using my "THRIVE Formula" I can make something they'll all love. THRIVE makes it easy, convenient and deliciously healthy to make meals for my family that I can feel good about. It's been life changing, and a life question!

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